This system provide support for Google Safe Browsing API in Squid. It implemented as Squid redirector, and installed according the documentation for squid's redirectors.

How to obtain it

Latest versions of this software are available as source from repository at GitHub. Stable releases are available from my site as archives.

How to build

To build squid-gsb you need to have boost c++ libraries version 1.35 or higher, and CMake, that is used to configuration & build of program. To configure, you need to execute following command staying at project's top directory:

cmake . -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=install_path

If Boost is installed in non-standard place, you'll need to specify location of header files and libraries with CMake's directives -DBOOST_INCLUDEDIR=path_to_includes and -DBOOST_LIBRARYDIR=path_to_libraries.

After configuration, you can build program with standard sequence of commands: make && make install.

It was successfully tested on Linux with kernel 2.6 (Ubuntu) and Mac OS X Tiger (10.4) on iMac. Theoretically it should be compilable also on MS Windows, but i hadn't tried yet.

How to run

This system consists from two utilities: updater (gsb-updater) & checker (gsb-redirector). Bot utilities accepts the same command-line options and use same configuration file. Most important option — -c, specify where configuration file is located, by default used file squid-gsb.conf in current directory.

Updater should run periodically (once per half hour via cron, for example) and will connect to the google and update hashes.

Redirector run in endless loop and read url from stdin, check it against hashes and output URL, if this site is found in corresponding hash, or empty line, if no matches found. Utility automatically detects if hash files was updated and reload them.

Configuration files

User could specify following options in configuration file (it's installed into PREFIX/etc/squid-gsb.conf):

file where black hash is stored. Default value — PREFIX/var/squid-gsb/black-hash.dat
black-url (required)
URL, that will substituted for sites, found in black list
file where malware hash is stored. Default value — PREFIX/var/squid-gsb/malware-hash.dat
malware-url (required)
URL, that will substituted for sites, found in malware list
key (required)
key for connecting to Google Safe Browsing API and perform updates. You can obtain it from Google Safe Browsing API page

debug — specify - should we print debug information to stderr. Default value — no.

Last change: 05.03.2013 16:54

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