I'm using the Clojure programming language to develop programs for JVM platform (I don't like the Java language, as it too restrictive & too verbose). Although Clojure is relatively young language, but it has many interesting features, such as immutable data, simple concurrency model & many features of Lisp, while work on JVM provides access to numerous libraries, developed for this platform.

I'm mostly using this language to analyze numerical & textual data for information retrieval & data mining. In my work I use Incanter - very useful library for data analysis, numerical calculation, etc.

Where to find information about Clojure

Main source of information about this language is language's site and mailing list. Another useful source of information is Planet Clojure — blogs aggregator. There is also labrepl project that contains everything necessary for quick start.

There are several books about Clojure:

I'm also collecting links to video-lectures & screencasts about Clojure. You can find them on separate page.

Some articles about Clojure

I wrote several articles about Clojure (other notes about Clojure you can find in my blog):

I also wrote an introduction-level article (in Russian) for 4th issue of Russian Magazine "Practice of Functional Programming" — I plan to translate it to English some time later.

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